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SIMBIOSIS - Nature conservation and protection of endangered species in Bolivia

Potable water supply for Piso Firme

After four years of planning and constructing finally tasty clear water is flowing into all neighbourhoods of Piso Firme.


Fascination of primeval forest

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Become a member

By giving a small monthly contribution you become a member of our association and conserve together with us the forest and its wildlife.


2012 Report from Laguna Pantanosa

Our visit to an impressive landscape of primeval forest, swamp and lake ..…



SIMBIOSIS - Mensch u. Natur e.V. is a non-profit organization located in Germany. Its objective is to protect nature and biodiversity. Until now we are concentrating our efforts in the tropical eastern lowlands of Bolivia, where we are engaged in the conservation of environment including the protection of rare species of animals (mammals,birds,reptiles) endangered with extinction.

Doing this we are wherever possible, cooperating with the inhabitants who traditionally live in these regions and supporting them in their legitimate claim to be or become self-determined masters of their lands and survive with dignity, whereby we assist all efforts of a life in harmony with nature. Together we are striving to impede forest-clearing by fire, uncontrolled exploitation of timber and hunting.

Due to our longstanding personal connections in this area we can offer interesting possibilities of participation to whoever will assist by membership, investemts or contributions. Since possible donations are not simply an anonymous gift, but allow if desired, personal participation, they grant more immediate personal rewards. If you care to read this, you will be aware of the dramatical changes for the worse as far as nature conservation is concerned.

With your assistance we can change things in the region, where we are active

Fire clearing destroys large jungle areas

Since so far there has been little response internationally to the cry of emergency by politics, we must act ourselves. Interested to do something? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hymn for the rain-forest

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